There is nothing more fulfilling than knowing that you have influenced and helped transform a life. At Expectations Women's Center, this is an everyday occurrence. We are a volunteer organization, which means that volunteers instead of paid staff provide most of our services and we would not be able to serve our community at the level we do without a network of dedicated volunteers. Not only are they able to use their talents to serve our clients, but the hours they give to EWC allow us to operate on a significantly smaller budget and still make an significant impact in our community.

Ways to Volunteer

We have dozens of volunteer opportunities available for you to get involved in the work of Expectations Women's Center

Benefits of Volunteering

Whether it is important to you to serve God, advance a worthy cause, to develop as a person or all three, volunteering offers many benefits in appreciation for the gift of your time and expertise. Volunteering can help you:

How to Get Started

Fill out our volunteer application. You can either email it or print and mail it to your nearest center location (contact information is on the application) . We will be glad to get in touch with you to take you step-by-step through the process of becoming a volunteer! God has great plans for each of us, maybe this is His for you!

Volunteer Application

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